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🔮Saturday, June 24th, 2017 – Daily Horoscope🔮

♈Aries♈ – Due to the presence of Moon in Cancer, you may feel a little stressed out and pulled in too many directions. These can be coming in both from home or work. Shift your focus and attention, and prioritize your duties accordingly so that you don’t miss out on anything. You may receive some recognition and appreciation for your work today. Be open for a talk with someone senior in terms of career guidance which may prove to be quite useful for you in the future. Today, try to strike a balancing act between family and work. Your lucky color for today is black and anytime between 4:30 pm and 6:30 pm is considered auspicious to conduct anything important.

♉Taurus♉ – Your priority will be friends and family today due to the presence of the Moon in Cancer. Today, you would want to leave your worries and work to build a warm and loving relationship with them. But things will be much better if you juggle both your professional and personal life effectively. There maybe be possible chances of increase in your income or if you have been planning on any kind of investment, now is the right time. You may also begin to think to be more involved with your community. Wear dark shade of pink to attract good luck. If you have to plan or conduct any kind of important activity, plan it between 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm as this period of time is lucky for you.

♊Gemini♊ – A mixed day is ahead for you both in personal and professional matters. However, as Moon moves in Cancer strong indications of a lost friendship cannot be ignored. But it would also require some initiative from your end as well. Today, take extra care of your expenses, you may be splurging on unnecessary things today. At work, keep a stable and calm mind so that your day passes peacefully. Avoid getting into any kind of conflict or argument. Try completing all your important work between 10:00 am and 11:40 am for optimal results. Dark green will prove to be your lucky color today.

♋Cancer♋ – If you have been planning to start something new in terms of work, today may seem to be the right time. This is due to the favorable position of Moon in Cancer, any time between 10:00 am and 11:00 am is considered auspicious for any important activity or task. You will also find answers to a lot of your problems that you have been facing for a long time. However, avoid talking too much as you may unintentionally hurt someone, if you are not careful with your words. Today is the time to observe and learn and to stay away from any unfavorable situation. Burgundy red is your lucky color today. 

♌Leo♌ – Today on the personal front, you may experience some kind of domestic bliss due to the planetary movement of Moon in Cancer. If you have been facing any kind of trouble or fights at home, it will all be resolved today. Handle any kind of situation with smartness both on the personal and professional front. The time period between 12:00 noon and 1:00 pm to be auspicious to conduct any important task or activity. Overall, today all aspects regarding family and work are all good. Wear Maroon for positive vibration and attract good luck. 

♍Virgo♍ – Things will be better today especially at home. You will have the support of your family and siblings in all your endeavors due to the position of Moon in Cancer. Ensure open and honest communication. This will be be helpful both on the professional and personal front. Some of you may be experiencing problems at work; make sure you put in all your sincere efforts and you will be able to sail through any kind of work related problem. Wear grey to attract good luck and schedule or conduct all your important tasks and work between 10:00 am to 12:00 pm today. 

♎Libra♎ – As the Moon moves into Cancer, this time today is regarded to be very auspicious to start something new. It can be something related to work or something personal. A great day for family get together or spending time with your loved ones. Your family helps you keep your priorities straight and in line. Your existing friendships will get a positive boost today and this will further strengthen your relationships. You will have a satisfactory day today. Your lucky color for today is Indigo and any time between 12:30 pm and 3:00 pm is considered lucky to undertake any new project or begin something new. 

♏Scorpio♏ – Moon moving into Cancer will provide you with much needed clarity today. Your good friends will guide you and give you good feedback on things you should do. Their advice will actually help you in the future. Use the positive advises from friends and family to improve the way you live. Things will be in line and you may also receive some unexpected good news today. Keep your fingers crossed! White is your lucky color for today. Any kind of auspicious work should be done between 5pm to 7pm for positive results.

♐Sagittarius♐ – You might encounter some problems today with a family member or close relative. Moon in Cancer may also take a toll on your health and give some roadblocks throughout the day in one way or the other. Don’t give up and keep trying because eventually you will get through this, but keep a control on your tongue and choose your words wisely. Be sensitive towards others feelings. However, if you feel trapped in a situation where you no longer have control, it will be wise to step back. Dark blue is your lucky color for the day,  and your auspicious time for any important activity is between 3:30 pm and 5:00 pm. 

♑Capricorn♑ – You may bump into an old friend today unexpectedly. These sudden reunions will make you feel content and satisfied. But with Moon in Cancer, today may prove to be difficult for students. You will be struggling with your focus and attention but you are determined to get yourself back on track. Be cautious on the personal and professional front. You may have to face some kind of hurdle but you are smart enough to deal with it wisely. The time from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm will be your happy hours of the day where you can conduct any kind of activity or event. 

♒Aquarius♒ – Moon in Cancer can make you feel restless and you may have an eagerness to explore the unexplored. But today definitely seems like the right time to spend quality time with your family and loved ones. Doing so will make you happy so make sure you enjoy this wonderful time. Be spontaneous and don’t think too hard about the consequences. It’s a good time to fall in love! Today is one of those few days where you both cherish, and focus on having a good time together with the people you love the most. The time period from 2 pm and 3 pm will prove to be lucky for any kind of important event or any other activity. 

♓Pisces♓ – As Moon marks its presence in Cancer, you may be quite popular today. Luck seems to be on your side and it seems like nothing that you do can go wrong. You will be excellent in whatever you do today. But this will keep you busy and tied up for the day. Find ways to de-stress yourself towards the end of the day and take care of your health. Have a heart to heart conversation with a loved one or a family member today, if at all it appeals you. A bright shade of red will brighten your luck today and plan your important events or meetings between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm.


🔮Friday, June 23rd, 2017 – Daily Horoscope🔮

♈Aries♈ – The New Moon in cozy Cancer will inspire activities that turn your house into a home. Visualizing your ideal home life will clarify how to realize your dream. For instance, this is an excellent time to connect in meaningful ways with your family (or friends who feel like family) and host a gathering of the people you love. Cleaning and decluttering your living environment should be part of the process. You might consider evaluating how the energy flows throughout your living spaces and rearrange your decor to free up blocked areas, which will have a harmonizing effect on your emotional life.

Taurus♉ – A new cycle of intellectual development and self-expression will be the gift of the New Moon in Cancer. You’ll be inspired to investigate topics that interest you, making this an excellent time to take a class, do some research on your own, explore a locale you’re curious about or initiate conversations with people who offer fresh ideas. Sharing your own opinions and ideas will bring satisfaction too. You may be inspired to embark on a road trip and talk to the people you meet along the way. It’s all about broadening your experience by going where your interests take you.

Gemini♊ – An increase in your earning power will be the gift of the New Moon in Cancer. The first thing you’ll need to do is get clear about where you stand financially by analyzing where your money is going after you earn it. Reflecting on how you feel about money (and your financial situation) will be an important part of the process that brings up any limiting emotions or beliefs you have that hinder your moneymaking potential. Eliminating inner blocks, being grateful for what you already have and generous with those who have less will move you into the new prosperity cycle.

♋Cancer♋ – The New Moon in your sign will bring a new cycle to your personal life. Knowing what you want in the areas you’re most focused on will help you achieve your dreams. For instance, if you know you’re ready for a new relationship, being clear about what you need in a partner will facilitate meeting someone who is in sync with you. At the very least, it will send your request out to the Universe, to be fulfilled when the time is right. Removing doubts and other limiting emotions that hinder your ability to move forward will be part of the process.

♌Leo♌ – Becoming aware of self-imposed limitations will be the gift of the New Moon in Cancer. Now is the time to take an inward journey through to uncover any hidden emotions that need to be healed or released. Meditation, therapy or talking with a confidant will facilitate the process. What stops you from realizing your dreams, Leo? It may seem like outside circumstances are blocking your path, but they are actually manifestations of what you feel inside. Understanding how your inner life influences what happens in your outer life will bring the clarity and freedom you need to take a big leap forward next month.

♍Virgo♍ – The New Moon in Cancer will bring fresh energy to your social life. Connecting with your friends and participating in group activities will play an important role in your personal growth. Removing your social mask and sharing who you truly are will bring people into your life who are in tune with your aspirations and admire you for who you are. This is also an ideal time to get involved in a cause close to your heart. Being of service is in your nature and destiny, Virgo, so take advantage of the opportunity coming your way to head in that direction.

♎Libra♎ – The New Moon in Cancer is bringing a new career cycle during the next two weeks. Now is the time to get clear about your professional direction and the steps you can take to realize your goals. Visualizing yourself as having already attained the success you’re seeking will help you make it happen in real life. You can use your natural people skills to network with your contacts, which may point you toward a professional opportunity or offer insights about your next move. What do you want to accomplish, Libra? Being in touch with your life’s purpose will enable you to move in the right direction.

♏Scorpio♏ – A fresh perspective about your future will be the gift of the New Moon in Cancer. You’ll be inspired to see the bigger picture of your destiny, which will include doing some soul-searching about your hopes and dreams, along with any limiting beliefs that could hinder your progress. This is an ideal time to focus on your spiritual practices and get in touch with your inner guidance. Achieving an attitude of gratitude for the blessings in your life will bring in even more blessings. Participating in a spiritual group or connecting with a teacher/guide is sure to accelerate your personal growth.

♐Sagittarius♐ – The New Moon in Cancer will reveal hidden elements within your psyche. You get in touch with a talent, psychic gift or emotional issue you’re denying or are unaware of. Mainly, this will be a time of healing and releasing, so you’ll need some time alone to process the shifts that are taking place inside you. It is possible to ignore the healing vibrations from this influence by overindulging in a substance that blocks your ability to access your inner life, which can be a temptation if you’re working through a painful problem. Envisioning your well-being at the end of the healing journey will help you stay on track.

♑Capricorn♑ – A new partnership cycle is in the works, thanks to the New Moon in Cancer. You’ll be inspired to focus on improving/revitalizing your relationship, making this an excellent time to talk about the future with your mate and what you’d like to do together. You’ll be more inclined than usual to see the other person’s point of view, which will help you uncover solutions to any problems you face together. If you’re seeking someone special, you may be drawn to someone who is your opposite in nature but makes up for what you lack. Are you ready to take your love life to the next level, Capricorn?

♒Aquarius♒ – The New Moon in Cancer will get you moving toward a goal pertaining to your work or health. This is an excellent time to revamp your diet, step up your exercise program or engage in activities that lower your stress. Getting out of your head and into your body by being more active will facilitate the latter. Your yearning for more free time can motivate you to be more efficient by making changes to your work habits. Also, you may be asked to help someone you’re close to or get the opportunity to do volunteer work. Answering the call to make the world a better place will bring the greatest satisfaction of all.

♓Pisces♓ – The New Moon in Cancer is awakening your joy of life. The desire to express what’s in your heart is sure to inspire your relationship, making this an excellent time to share activities and conversations with your sweetie that bring out the playfulness (and passion!) in the relationship. If you’re solo, your heightened expressiveness may attract someone special who truly appreciates you. You’ll be motivated to move forward on a creative project during the next two weeks or so. What are you most enthusiastic about, Pisces? Getting in touch with your passion will illuminate the way forward on your journey.